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Link Ups Issue 2: SGS Jewellery

Welcome to Link Ups, a magazine series where we catch up with friends doing cool things. As a brand we are greatly inspired by music, which is why we've asked each interview-ee to curate a playlist for Gesture's Spotify profile. Link Ups Issue no.2 below.


Enter the fun fresh world of SGS Jewellery, a sustainable jewellery label made through the eyes of Melbourne-based designer Stephanie Symington. As the release of our very own collaboration with SGS approaches, we thought it would be more than appropriate to get some insights into the label.


G: How would you describe SGS to someone who hasn’t interacted with the label before?

S: To me, SGS is a brand that has a strong focus on manufacturing products ethically and sustainably, while remaining fun and fresh. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from the natural environment, so you’ll see a lot of organic shapes, and motifs such as butterflies and flowers with pops of colour from lab-grown gemstones.

G: Talk us through your collaboration with us. What's the product? What excites you about collaborating?

S: I think the prospect of merging and building on ideas is always exciting. A lot of my own work is customisable, I think that’s a really cool element to a piece to ensure its unique and one of a kind. It’s like a group project but... fun. In this Gesture x SGS collab we’ll be making eyewear chains that bridge a gap between functional accessory and fine jewellery.


G: Other artists that inspire you?

S: That’s tricky, there’s so many. I think inspiration can be drawn from the strangest things, and even when an artist does inspire you, they may more be inspiring you to get in the zone, rather than inspiring a certain style or material use. My inspiration is in a constant state of flux! Some other creatives that I’ve recently been drawn to are:
  • Greta Garmel - I’m drawn to the feminine silhouettes of Greta’s clothing. Everything is so simple, so flattering and well considered.
  • Lucky Tooth Gems - I’ve started following a lot of makeup and nail artists in the past few months and Lucky Tooth Gems is my latest obsession. Being a jeweller I obviously am a bit of a magpie and am drawn to anything shiny, even if it’s on your teeth. 
  • Gita Zimmerman - Gita is so incredibly talented. She was the brains behind my logo and branding and my recent type for my new collection, Anemone. Gita’s work is so fresh and funky and colourful - basically, everything I love.
  • KRISTA - Krista is an amazing emerging jeweller, also working with ceramics and apparel. What I love about Krista is the confidence in her style and the handmade quality and originality of her pieces. 

G: Dream Job?

S: I’m doing it! I love working with my hands and the technical processes involved in jewellery making really keep my brain active.

G: Inspiration for the playlist?

S: A lot of the music I listen to can be quite melancholy, and I more often than not listen to podcasts when I’m working in the studio. So, while this isn’t a work tunes playlist, I think the playlist embodies what SGS would be if it were a sound. It’s playful and colourful and upbeat. 



G: Song to play at your funeral?

S: This is one I’ve perhaps thought a little too much on. I’ve definitely said “you better play this song at my funeral” more than once lol. At the moment it would be a tie between It’s All Over Now Baby Blue by The Animals (that’s my favourite version, don’t fight me on it), and Pet Sematary by Starcrawler.

G: Fav pair of Gesture’s? ;)

S: They’re honestly all such a vibe. Narrowing it down to one pair… it’s gotta be the 001 in Plum / Smoke.


All products shown made in studio by SGS. Check out the SGS Jewellery website and Instagram to see more from the talented designer.