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Link Ups Issue 1: Photographer Noah Gallagher

Welcome to Link Ups, a magazine series where we catch up with friends doing cool things. As a brand we are greatly inspired by music, which is why we've asked each interview-ee to curate a playlist for Gesture's Spotify profile. Enter Link Ups Issue no.1 below.


Ever heard of Noah Gallagher? If not you're about too. Noah's photos make you want to chuck out your whole wardrobe and start fresh. His photos take every little inch possible of style from a certain moment and puts it right there in each unique image. Hailing from Byron Bay he has more than earned his stripes shooting for the likes of the some of the best up and coming streetwear brands, taking captivating unorthodox travel flicks and powerfully elegant portraits.

But most of all Noah is a Gesture homie - shooting most of our campaigns thus far and a great contributor of ideas behind the brand. Which is why, we've asked him to answer some questions and put together a playlist for us.

Read the Interview/Listen to the playlist below.



G: What started the love for photography?

N: I was given my camera when I was 5, didn't know what it was, so I just took heaps of random photos on it (laughs). And then my godfather gifted me another small digital camera when I was 10. That was my first digital camera. Took heaps of skating photos on that and then I really heckled my mum to get me like a small DSLR camera. After heckling and heckling I was fortunate enough to be given one for my birthday again when I was 12. I remember it having an in-built zoom, which allowed me to take some surf photography. When instagram first started coming around when I was about 13, I started noticing all these photos that had this certain feel to it and there was nothing at the time you could you do on any sort of editing platform to copy that. It ended up being film photography. That led me to buying a a film camera for 50 bucks and it's now a camera you would probably sell for around 450.

My main love for photography, I know it's cliche, but there's something special about capturing a moment for me. Something that you are proud of to show other people. Yeah, I think that's what I really like about it.

G: What are you working on at the moment or have lined up for the future?

N: Something I have lined up at the moment is a project that consists of creating clothes, a small clothing label. To be honest I have no goal in mind, kind of just doing it out of love for fashion and designing. It should be coming out soon. In terms of photography, I want to come up with a project that I can spend some proper time on, like a theme of exploring a certain emotion through people or objectual photography is definitely something I've wanted to explore.



G: 5 photographers that inspire you?

N: Quentin De Briey - His photography is amazing. Amazing in the way that he captures scenes from his life so artistically and ability to blend it in with fashion and portraiture seamlessly.  

Davide Sorrenti - He was so ahead of his time. Which is something I admire as it takes such a special individual to be like that. He also died at such a young age which definitely makes his work a lot more special.

Nick Tsindos - Bringing it a little bit closer to home I'd have to say my good mate Nick. His photography is so raw yet defined and it comes so naturally to him.

Cole Barash - Cole Barash took a really insane photo the other day. He is an example of what I was talking about with objectual photography. He takes photos of things that aren't fashion although still ties them in, a horse mane for example.

Daphne Nguyen - Another Australian photographer. Her work is so impressive.

G: Off-topic question, but an important one: Go-to pub meal?

N: I guess at every pub it would have to be a steak hey. Yeah, definitely a steak.



G: Dream Job?

N: Woa, fuck. I feel like that changes every day. Definitely changes every day. That’s my answer.

G: What about today?

N: Today, my dream job was a Yoga instructor. Just kidding (laughs). Dream job was a photographer today, tomorrow it won’t be.



G: Driving through the country on a crispy winter morning - what song do you play?

N: End of the page - Bulbous Creation

G: Inspiration for the playlist?

N: Lately, i've been listening to a lot of - might sound real weird - but yeah I've been listening to a lot of melodic sounds. So like, no vocals, almost no beats, no drum or bass line. Sort of like sounds that twist your emotion without you realising. Like this morning that was all I played from as soon as I woke up to as soon as I hit the surf. Very Spiritual Gains (laughs). So the playlist will be a mix of that with some other well listened to tracks.





G: Fav pair of Gestures?

N: 001 Plum, always the fav as soon as they came out.



All photos in article shot by Noah 2021. Check out Noah's website and instagram to see more from the talented photographer. Stay tuned for Link ups Issue 2.